Offshore Migration Agents: Registered Migration Agents specialising in ICT, Science and Technical  Рskilled migration, employer nomination and student visas.  Servicing Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungry, Slovakia, Georgia and CIS countries

As Registered Migration Agents we subscribe to the code of conduct so our clients can be assured that they are provided with professional and ethical services at all times.

Member of Migration Alliance

Mobile Contact +61 4033 78 111

South Yarra (Appointment required)
Mobile Contact number +61 4033 78 111

Kyiv, Ukraine:

Australian Council House, ?????? 37, Podil, Ukraine
Note: We have associates who can assist in Russian and Ukrainian translation- Call us to arrange a suitable time should you require translation services

Should you have an inquiries regarding migration or our service please contact us on +61 4033 78 111

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