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Offshore Migration  Agents aims to provide specialist visa support for international artists, fashion, sportsmen,  crews, designers, event managers and promoters seeking to travel to Australia.

With over 20 years experience working in the Entertainment, Fashion, Tourism, Sport and Film industries.

Companies and past association include:

Film Industry: Umbrella Films Pty Ltd; Motion Picture Guarantors.

Entertainment: Elston, Hocking, and Woods; Universal Theatre; Radio 3RRR; La Mama Theatre; Melbourne Artist Workshop; Montsalvat.

Fashion: Simon P Lock. (SPIN).

Bands: Men at work; Skyhooks; Relax with Max; Captain Matchbox; Crowed House; Mondo Rock; Midnight Oil; Models

Sport and Alpine Tourism: Falls Creek Ski Lifts, Threadbo, Mt. Bulla

Australia second best place to live: UN

ABC News November 03, 2011 20:12:41

Australia is the second best place in the world to live according to the United Nations, with Norway taking the title by a fraction in the annual Human Development Index (HDI).

The index compares 187 countries on factors including health, education, per-capita income and life expectancy.

Australia attained a scorecard of 93 out of a possible 100, followed by the Netherlands in third.

“By some measures we have a longer life expectancy than any other country except Japan, and that’s the main thing that lifts Australia higher up in these rankings than we would be if the only consideration was per-capita income,” he said.

“But overall, the combination of per-capita income, which has done well in Australia compared with other countries more seriously affected by the financial crisis, long life expectancy and reasonable levels of educational attainment have been enough to lift us into second place on this scale – in fact we’ve been there for a few years now.”

Mr Eslake says a large part of Norway’s income comes from oil.


He says that although Australia is deriving a good deal from its mineral wealth, the nation’s mining sector makes up a smaller proportion of GDP when compared to Norway’s petroleum sector.

“Oil has been trading at particularly high prices over the last three or four years,” he said.

“Norway of course has also been saving a good deal of its oil-related wealth in the form of a sovereign wealth fund that now holds more than $400 billion in it, whereas Australia hasn’t chosen to save much of its mineral wealth in the same way.

“Norway also has very high levels of educational attainment – more so than Australia – and although its life expectancy isn’t quite as high as Australia’s, it is pretty close.”

War-torn and poverty-stricken African nations, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger and Burundi were at the bottom of the list.

The lucky country

Mr Eslake says the report does not capture what constitutes a country’s liveability, but it does show why Australia is referred to as the lucky country.

“It ought to serve as a reminder that for all the complaints everyday Australians have about different aspects of their lives, this is one of the best countries in the world in which to live and to bring up children,” he said.

The index forms part of the UN Development Report, and this year it is focused on environment, sustainability and inequality.

Dermot O’Gorman is the chief executive of World Wildlife Fund in Australia.

“The report suggests that by 2050 under an environmentally challenged scenario, that we could see an 8 per cent lower global HDI from a baseline,” he said.

“That’s quite a scary thought if you think that we’ve lived over the last 50 years in a growth scenario, to think that that may go back and that sustainability is a critical part or reason of that.”

The UN report concludes that despite remarkable progress in human development over recent decades, it will not continue without addressing environmental risks and inequality.

Merits Review – Migration Review Tribunal (MRT)

The Migration Review Tribunal (the MRT) review visa and visa-related decisions made within the Immigration and Citizenship portfolio. The Tribunals’ objective is to provide reviews that are fair, just, economical, informal and quick.

The jurisdiction, powers and procedures of the Tribunals are set out in the Migration Act 1958 and in the Migration Regulations 1994.

As the circumstances are different in each case it is important that  you consult a Migration Agent as soon as possible.

Generally review rights are limited to onshore applicants and Australian sponsors.

PLEASE NOTE: There are strict time limits that apply to applications for review

This can be as short as 48 hours and up to 28 days (In some cased extra time is allowed depending on the means of communication) from the date of notification .  Generally the letter of notification lists the period that an appeal can be made.

If the application falls outside the time period allowed the visa holder may have to leave the country and reapply for admission  to Australia offshore.

An applicant for review can be represented by a registered Migration Agent during the hearing.

Under some circumstances the applicant may be entitled for judicial review or review by the Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal or Commonwealth Ombudsman your Migration Agent and or legal representative can provide more information.

in making an inquiry about the the possibility of a migration review please ensure you provide a copy of all correspondence including your substantive visa  and copy of your passport.




Temporary Business Entry (Long Stay) 457 Visa

Who is this visa for?

This visa is for employers who would like to employ overseas workers to fill nominated skilled positions in Australia.

This work visa is the most popular visa for employers to sponsor workers from overseas to work in Australia on a temporary basis. The 457 work visa is valid for a period of between 1 day and 4 years.

The Australian 457 visa may be applied for inside or outside Australia and all applicants must meet health and character criteria. Certain 457 visa applicants will also need to meet the English language requirement.

You will need to either be an independent business operator or have an agreed work sponsorship.   The 457 is not a permanent resident visa, although it can be used as a basis for applying to permanant resuidency after two years subject to certain conditions,  A 457 sponsored visa holder will need to remain employed for the duration of the visa and take out private health insurance.  You can be unemployed for a maximum period of 28 days.

Generally you have to remain with the sponsored employer who is obligated to pay you a minimum salary including other statutory holidays and benefits.  Can can not work for any other employer without first securing Department of Immigration approval. Your sponsor need to first register with the Department of Immigration and seek approval to engage foreign employers. You and your sponsor will be subject to reviews and audits of your financial accounts and pay slips.

The Australian 457 visa may be applied for inside or outside Australia and all applicants must meet health and character criteria. Certain 457 visa applicants will also need to meet the English language requirement.

Offshore Migration Agents are registered Australian migration agents and migration specialists who can assist Australian employers or eligible workers from overseas in securing a 457 visa for prospective employees or business partners.

Additonal Information:


Working Holiday Visa

To be eligible for a Working holiday visa you must be 30 years or under and be from a country which has reciprocal working holiday maker arrangements in effect.

These include United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Korea, Malta, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People’s Republic of China, Finland, the Republic of Cyprus, France, Italy, Belgium, Estonia and Taiwan.

Please note family members can not travel as dependants on this type of Visa.

To obtain a working holiday visa you can apply online. Most applications can be applied for online.